Edward Wear

Owner Edward Wear Inc.

1976 – Present (over 40 years) Unit 508, 2525 Willow Street, Vancouver, BC V5Z 3N8

Edward WearWe prepare financial statements and tax returns for small businesses, Canadian residents, Canadian deceased taxpayers, and non-residents who own Canadian rental properties.

The businesses we serve include contract construction management, property developers and owners, retail and wholesale, non-profits, trusts and estates, and investors.

We specialize in using QuickBooks for our clients' accounting, PlanGuru for preparing forecasts, InsynQ for online processing, Profile for preparing tax returns, and Quicken for investors.

We have been involved with providing the accounting and forecasting for two high-tech start-ups. One sold for the highest Canadian selling price (at that time). The other did not fare so well.

Manager, Andersen

1965 – 1976 (11 years)Toronto, Madrid, Toronto, Vancouver

I joined Arthur Andersen in 1965 when they were looking for CAs to train to handle the workload when the agreement with Riddell Stead ended. After spending a year in Toronto, I was fortunate to be able to work in Madrid for the busy season. That busy season turned into 5 years, and was an experience I will always remember. The experience was a combination of hard work, great experience, working with many wonderful people, some of whom had very long careers with AA, and of course getting married and having 2 of our 3 daughters there. By the time I left, I could defend myself in Spanish.

But the big benefit as far as my experience was being in charge of training while I was in Madrid. The main reason for my being in Spain, and for the others from around the world, was to train the university graduates (AA hired the best). Being in charge of training gave me that much more experience in teaching. While with AA, I had the opportunity to attend their university in St Charles, Illinois, where I taught and I learned.

Besides the training I received while I was with AA, I got some excellent working experience. The on-the-job training we gave and received was superb. As most of the ex-Arthur Andersen members will tell you, the time they spent with AA was instrumental in their careers.

CA student and CA

Rigsby Johnston & Co (originally Deloittes)

July 1958 – September 1965 (7 years 3 months) Quesnel, BC

After graduating from high school, I had an opportunity to article for the local CA firm starting at $100 a month. That was the first real job that I had. I was living at home; I did not have a car; and so I could afford to live on $100. About for the next 6 years, I worked and studied until I got my CA degree in 1964.

We had audits but most of our work was bookkeeping and accounting; it was a great place to learn Debits and Credits and to prepare me for devaluation accounting and price level accounting that I would work on in Madrid.

When I started work in the big city of Toronto, I realized that I know nothing about auditing, and auditing was all I did at Arthur Andersen. I soon realized that the strong accounting background I learned in Quesnel would help me survive until I learned auditing. And AA had exceptional training so that I was able to assume the responsibility of being in charge of some large audits in Toronto and Madrid.